Silver-n-Lilacs Handcrafted Box


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The SMS Range of Handpainted boxes, draws from, as inspiration, the many memories that make you, you.

The boxes are lovingly painted and finished, to provide a worthy keep-safe for your most precious memories- dad’s watches, a photo of that childhood vacation, mom’s jewellery…

A veritable treasure box of history, ancestry, love and soul… Too often we deride the significance of material objects, as a relic of capitalism, but perhaps we should see them as a protector of legacy, as a holder of nostalgia, something that ensconces who we are, where we came from and those who came before…

This lavender/lilac box, encapsulates silver moonlight and sweet dreams… A dreamy, light, calm blend of violets and whites, accented by silver leaf create pure magic!

Dimensions (L*W*H): 30.5cm*23cm*6cm
Weight: 872g
Material: Paper, Paint, Imitation Silver Leaf, Water-Based Varnishes, Metal Fittings, MDF Base


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