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Customisation FAQ's

1. How do I customize my order?
Answer: Customisation is one of our favourite things to do. To make any product your own, simply click on the "customise this" button in the product page of your choice. Fill in the form of the customisation you'd like done and our team will contact you offline via email, WhatsApp or call within 2 business days to further discuss the options available. Once you approve the price quotation and design, we'll send you a payment link.

2. Is customisation free?
Answer: Yes, customisation, as a service, is free. However, if your customisations lead to the usage of more expensive raw materials, the price could change from the original you saw on our website. A final quotation is provided to you before production is started.

3. Will customised orders have a longer delivery timeline?
Answer: The delivery timelines on certain customised products could be significantly different from our ready-made products. Depending on the nature of your customisations, your order will be shipped to artisans across the country- Pune, Bengal, Kutch. This is especially true for handpainted customisations.  As such delivery timelines could be as much as 2-3 weeks. Relatively smaller customisations like fabric changes or bead-swapping should take no more that 1-2 days extra.
We will confirm the delivery schedule once you finalise your customisation.

Shipping, Returns, Payment and Cancellation FAQ's

1. How long will my order take to reach me?
Answer: All orders are processed in 1-2 business days, upon which we then dispatch it. Domestic deliveries usually take 1-4 days. International deliveries usually take 7-9 days.
However, this is just an approximate timeline- exacting EDD's could be affected by situations beyond our control for example customs.

Furthermore, customised orders might have longer delivery timelines depending on the nature of the customisations.

Currently, there could be delays due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2. Who do you ship with?
Answer: Delhivery is our preferred partner for all shipments. However, we may opt for other courier companies such as Blue Dart, DHL or a local provider with International tie-ups depending on location and package size.
However, currently, there could be delays due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

3. Can I cancel my order?
Answer: You can cancel your order, with certain conditions. We recommend reading our cancellation policy for more details.

4. Can I return my order?
Answer: You can return your order, with certain condition. We recommend reading our returns policy for more details.

5. Do you ship internationally?
Answer: We do ship internationally, however, we cannot process these orders on our website. We request you to contact us directly offline in order to facilitate international orders.

6. How will I pay securely for international orders?
Answer: We currently have two options for payment by international customers. We can send a link for easy payment via International Credit/Debit Cards or we accept payments via Paypal. Please be advised though that both services could include additional charges for currency conversions and processing.

7. What do I do if the payment is unsuccessful?
Answer: In case of a rejected transaction, you can try again from the rejected transaction page. If you have navigated away from this page, you can retry a payment from the your orders section in your account. We do not process orders until we have received the payment confirmation and we will cancel the order if the transaction is not successfully completed within 24 hours.

8. Do you have a COD Option?
Answer: We currently do not have a CoD option, however you can choose from a wide variety of other payment options at checkout including debit/credit cards, UPI, wallets or NEFT/RTGS.

9. What are your various shipping charges?
Answer: Our shipping rates mirror actuals as close as possible, in order to minimise costs passed on to you. Rates can be found on the shipping page.

Inventory and Product FAQ's

1. Are the same products available in your Mumbai store as online?
Answer: The store currently has our entire stock. The website is in the process of being updated with our entire catalogue of 1000+products. Furthermore, the experience and ease of customisation might be easier with an in-person visit.

2. How do we wash/clean apparel and sarees bought on your site?
Answer: Apparel and sarees which use two or more highly contrasting fabrics should be dry cleaned. Apparel or Sarees with handpainted embellishment should be dry cleaned too. Other cloth items should be hand washed gently and allowed to air-dry inside out so as to prevent the fading of organic colours.

3. When will an out of stock product be restocked?
Answer: Due to the myriad of products we have on the website, it is rare if an identical product will be made in 2 separate batches. However, if you're truly attached to that one exact design, you can contact us directly to get it made to order.

4. Where are your fabrics sourced from?
Answer: The majority of our fabrics are handloom weaves and prints sourced directly from artisans across the country. However, we supplement natural fabrics with machine-made linings and machine-made plain fabrics.

5. Will there be slight differences between what I see on my screen and what I'll get?
Answer: Please note, there may be slight variations between the actual product and the one displayed on website.

The difference is likely to occur due to different monitor resolution levels, colour settings and/or type equipment (phone, Tablet or PC) and or type of monitor (e.g LCD, CRT).

The difference may also be due to handmade nature of our products using, handloom, hand dyed, natural colours and dyes, paints, natural wood and varied sources for the same material. This only enhances the aesthetic value of the product and are not as such defects or deficiencies in product or services.

6. How do I take care of Home decor products?
Answer: All our home decor products are treated with a sealant varnish. This means that you can easily wipe them with a wet cloth. We do not recommend full-fledged washing of wooden/MDF products like coasters and trays since it could lessen the expected product life. Unpainted glass bottles that are sold with our plaques can we be washed normally. Bottle lamps should be wiped with a damp cloth except close to where the electronic components are located. 
You should also expect a natural dulling of the varnishes shine. This is normal and seeks to enhance the beauty of the product.

7. Will your fabrics fade?
Answer: Organically dyed fabrics do tend to fade when left to dry in the sun. We recommend either dry cleaning them only, or air drying them turned inside-out.

8. How do I take care of jewellery bought from SMS?
Answer: Imitation jewellery bought off our website should not be exposed to water as this could lead to tarnishing. Pure silver tarnishes naturally, however, you can restore its original shine by cleaning it with a toothpaste powder or getting it cleaned by a jeweller.

9. How true-to-image will handpainted products be?
Answer: No two handpainted products will be exacting. No two brush strokes will be the same, thus whilst the overall design will be the same, slight variations could occur. You are wearing a work of art... utterly unique.

Privacy FAQ's

For detailed answers on questions related to the collection, use, disclosure and control of your information on our website we recommend reading our complete privacy policy.