At Spoil Me Silly, we are pleased to offer custom fitting services in place of our ready-to-wear sizes. Every body type is unique and no one should have to settle for anything less than perfect!

Upon choosing the "custom" size option on the product page, a measurements form will display with the measures required to fit your garment perfectly to you. Measuring yourself is not difficult, but care must be taken.

If ordering manually, we will send you a google form wherein you can enter your measurements.

We store your measurements in our records so you don't have to remeasure for subsequent orders. If you feel your size has changed please reenter your measurements.

How to Measure

  1. Ensure you record your body measurements : take a flexible tape measure and use it to measure the required area. Don't cinch it too tight, but don't make it too lose either! (Read more about slack next)
  2. Add a "1-finger" slack when measuring. You can add more than 1 finger for a looser fit!
  3. Do not wear Loose‑fitting/thick clothes while measuring! (Those pyjama's may be uber comfy but they'll throw your measurements off)
  4. To understand how to measure every part refer to "How to Measure" in Measurement Resourcesbelow

💡If you don't have a Measuring tape, download our printable tape from below!

Measure yourself not your clothes!

Add 1-finger Slack!

Do not measure while wearing loose clothes!

Measurement Resources

How to Measure icon

How to Measure

Maximum size by product icon

Max. Size Possible by Product Type

Printable Tape Measure Icon

Printable Tape Measure

Required Measures by Product icon

Required Measures by Product Type

Standard Sizes icon

Our Standard Sizes

💡When printing the tape measure, print on A4 paper with the scale set to 100%

Measurement FAQs

  1. What unit should I measure in?
    Ans: Inches, Always!
  2. Can I send you the measures of something that fits me?
    Ans: We do not recommend sending us a garment's measurements: different manufacturers create slightly different patterns depending on fabric-type, apparel-cut etc.
  3. Can you customise in any size?
    Ans: Our custom fitting service allows us to only customise upto our XL measurements. Refer to the size chart of the product to see the XL size measures. Sizes larger then SMS XL might be pssible based on fabric availability and we recommend reaching out to us before placing an order.
  4. Is there an additional fee for size customisation?
    Ans: No! In our bid to provide the best service, custom measurement is a free service!
  5. I'm confused about how to measure what do I do?!
    Ans: Breathe! We're here for you! If you find the measurement process consuming, reach out to us and we'll arrange a video chat with the store staff/Sonali to help you out!
  6. My custom sized product doesn't fit! Help!
    Ans: Again Breathe! If your sizing is off, We'll arrange a return to us so we can resize it. Before reproduction, we might ask you to reconfirm your sizes via message/email/call. If it is a production error, we will bear the cost of return and reshipping, if you sent us incorrect sizes you will have to bear the cost of return and reshipping.
  7. Can I return custom sized items if I'm not happy?
    Ans: If you have a fitting issue, send it back for us to refit. If you're still not happy, our standard return policy remains in place.