We aim to make our international shipping policy as transparent and comprehensive as possible in order to make your buying experience as seamless as possible.
Our preferred international logistics partners are Aramex for the UAE and FedEx for most other countries.
Delivery timelines are currently 1-2 weeks post order-processing (usually 2-3 days) and dispatch.

1. Countries and Rates

2. Import Duty and Taxes

3. Below Duty Thresholds

4. Payments and Billing

5. International Returns, Cancellations and Refunds

Countries and Rates

We ship to a wide range of countries, you can find shipping charges by order weight below. These shipping rates are not-inclusive of Import Duty or any Sales Tax/VAT/GST which may be charged to you in your country upon customs clearance (Read more about import duty and taxation below).


Country 0-0.5kg 0.5-1kg 1-1.5kg 1.5-2kg 2-2.5kg 2.5-3kg 3-3.5kg 3.5-4kg 4-4.5kg 4.5-5kg

United States of America

(Excl. Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Palau & Armed Forces Locations)


INR 1250
INR 1450 INR 1675
INR 1900
INR 2165 INR 2640 INR 2875 INR 3090 INR 3330 INR 3540
Canada INR 1310 INR 1510 INR 1725 INR 1955 INR 2190 INR 2700 INR 2945 INR 3165 INR 3410 INR 3625

Europe- Zone F

United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Greenland 

INR 1135

INR 1300 INR 1495 INR 1705 INR 1920 INR 1970 INR 2150 INR 2310 INR 2490 INR 2645

Europe- Zone I

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Iceland, Ireland, Malta
INR 1540 INR 1620 INR 1900 INR 2200 INR 2500 INR 2875 INR 3135 INR 3365 INR 3625 INR 3855
Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia INR 1500 INR 1810 INR 2200 INR 2600 INR 2990 INR 3260 INR 3530 INR 3770 INR 4035 INR 4300
Thailand and Hong Kong INR 1510 INR 1590 INR 1885 INR 2195 INR 2505 INR 2595 INR 2795 INR 2970 INR 3170 INR 3345
Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan INR 960 INR 1135 INR 1375 INR 1635 INR 1895 INR 2235 INR 2380 INR 2495 INR 2635 INR 2750
United Arab Emirates INR 695 INR 700 INR 1375 INR 1565 INR 1750 INR 2315 INR 2470 INR 2625 INR 2765 INR 2845



Import Duty and Taxes

Shipping is done DDU meaning we do not pay for any Customs Duty, Sales Tax, Value-added Tax (VAT), or Goods and Services Tax (GST).

International customers understand that they will be liable for any such import charges arising from their order. These fees will occur over and above the shipping charges included in the order total. Such charges differ by country and we assume your familiarity with local regulations.

However, before you start worrying about hefty import fees, please know many countries have thresholds below which duty and/or tax is not levied.


Below Duty Thresholds (De Minimis Values)

When you place an order with a value lower than the de minimis value (including shipping), import duties and/or taxes are not levied. You can find a brief country specific list below: please note this list is not comprehensive nor regularly updated.

Furthermore, this list includes federal de minimis values. State and provincial governments may levy additional sales tax etc. in your country.

This list is presented for customer convenience purposes only: actual charges may vary by country/sub-region, item purchases, exchange rates used by customs authorities etc.

Country No Duty Threshold  No Tax Threshold
Albania 100 USD 100 USD
Andorra 220 EUR 220 EUR
Australia 1000 AUD 1000 AUD
Austria 150 EUR 0 EUR
Bangladesh 1000 BDT 0 BDT
Belgium 150 EUR 0 EUR
Bhutan 0 INR 0 INR
Bulgaria 150 EUR 0 EUR
Canada 20 CAD 20 CAD
Czech Republic (Czechia) 150 EUR 0 EUR
Estonia 150 EUR 0 EUR
Faroe Islands 300 DKK 300 DKK
Finland 150 EUR 0 EUR
France 150 EUR 0 EUR
Germany 150 EUR 0 EUR
Gibraltar 0 USD 0 USD
Greece 150 EUR 0 EUR
Greenland 80 DKK 80 DKK
Hong Kong SAR No Duty No Tax
Hungary 150 EUR 0 EUR
Iceland 0 ISK 0 ISK
Ireland 150 EUR 0 EUR
Israel 500 USD 75 USD
Italy 150 EUR 0 EUR
Latvia 150 EUR 0 EUR
Liechtenstein 0 CHF 0 CHF
Lithuania 150 EUR 0 EUR
Luxembourg 150 EUR 0 EUR
Malaysia 500 MYR 0 MYR
Malta 150 EUR 0 EUR
Monaco 150 EUR 22 EUR
Nepal 0 NPR 0 NPR
Netherlands 150 EUR 0 EUR
New Zealand 1000 NZD 1000 NZD
Norway 350 NOK 350 NOK
Singapore 400 SGD 400 SGD
Spain 150 EUR 0 EUR
Sweden 150 EUR 0 EUR
Switzerland 0 CHF 0 CHF
Thailand 1500 THB 1500 THB
United Arab Emirates 1000 AED 0 AED
United Kingdom 135 GBP 0 GBP
United States of America 800 USD Varies by State


Payments and Billing

Currency conversions displayed on your website are for reference and customer convenience purposes only. Final billing and charging happens in INR and your credit card company, bank or other payment platform may charge you on the basis of a different exchange rate and may charge additional fees for such conversion.


Returns, Cancellations and Refunds

We are currently unable to offer returns and refunds on international orders. We facilitate cancellations prior to the package having shipped.

We will be happy to process returns/refunds/exchanges in cases of wrong product sent/ defective product sent. We are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges in cases of wrong size ordered.