Mini Matka- Vert Grand


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gushing river, meandering through the lush greenery of an untouched forest; clouds floating amok a sunlit, clear sky; birds hidden in the dense canopies and insects abuzz in the humid underbrush of a jungle.

Earthenware, for obvious reasons, has always has reminded us of the earth and the raw, wild side of nature- ever-changing, ever different. The gorgeous swirls of glaze, the impeccably flawed surface that adds so much character and personality. Almost kaleidoscopic- a new feeling every time!

These Mini matkas, like their larger siblings, encapsulate traditional, rural Indian village life...
They are simple, cute little home accessories to spark up those oft-forgotten corners- that bookshelf in the bedroom, or a right on the TV set-top box! Use them to gather frequently lost items like clips and pins or beautify the mandir further by using this for tikka/chawal!
We recommend checking out the dimensions below as they might be smaller than they appear.

Length: NA
Width: at Max. Point: 4.5cm
Height: 7cm
Material: Ceramic
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