Policies at the Thakur Village Store ("The Store").


At Spoil Me Silly we pride ourselves on maintaining a position of utter hospitality and warmth. We wish to provide a space that is heartfelt, a space for a gathering of like-minded souls revolving around a shared love for the handcrafted and handmade.

Our Store policies are aimed at providing a safe space for the SMS Community, at outlining standards of conduct on the part of all those who partake in the SMS experience.


General Conduct

At SMS we hold an expectation of polite conversation and civility, from our staff and customers. Our staff are valuable members of our team and deserve respect tantamount to that we always accord our customers.

We also train our staff to behaviour beyond reproach, they are required to be polite, helpful and accommodating at all times.

We acknowledge that mistakes can be made, and apologise for any instances where our work has not lived up to our word but we expect a continuance of our relationship in good faith working towards a viable solution to any problem caused.

Policies around COVID-19 in The Store

Due to an ever-evolving, endemic COVID-19 situation, we will have to periodically enforce COVID-safe behaviour including, but not limited to, compulsory hand-sanitisation and temperature checks for all visitors, compulsory wearing of masks and/or gloves and the maintainance of adequate social-distancing.

Additionally, we might have to keep air-conditioning off in order to allow for adequate ventilation periodically throughout the day.

We understand these measures can be inconvenient and sincerely hope for your cooperation in the unfortunate event we have to uphold these measures.

Services/Products NOT offered

There are certain services and products we used to provide that we are, as new policy develops, unable to continue providing. Staff are not allowed to make concessions, even for SMS VIP customers.

  • We have stopped the sale of fabric-by-the-meter.
  • We are unable to stitch SMS designs in any customers personal fabrics.
  • We are unable to alter or rectify in any manner articles and products for a customer that are not manufactured/provided at/by SMS.
Returns, Exchanges and Operational Delays

The shop return and refund policy differs from the policies listed on the website, this is due to the material difference between the two sales channels.

In-store customers can see, feel and try on products, this transparency and clarity means that we do not need to offer returns or exchanges. The in-store policy is as follows:


  1. We do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges on any products.
  2. We may choose to offer a refund in case of a damaged or defective product.
  3. In cases where we choose to offer a refund in case of a defective product, the product must be in its original condition with all hang tags, price tags and labels intact.
  4. If a customer wishes to purchase a product that is defective or damaged, we will ensure the customer is aware of the full extent of damage and if the customer still wishes to purchase the product offer a 20% discount. In such cases, we will not offer refunds or accept returns post-purchase.
  5. We do not accept exchanges, except for on orders that were purchased for gifting. (Products are considered gifts if a gift wrap option is chosen OR the customer intimates us about the nature of the purchase). These exchanges must be of equal or higher value than the original purchase, if the customer does not wish to purchase extra items, a gift card of the balance value can be issued to them. No cash or equivalent refunds will be offered.
  6. Gift Wrapping charges will not be refunded and if the exchanged item needs to be re-wrapped additional charges will have to be borne by the customer.
  7. Rush Orders are not guaranteed and is fulfilled on a best effort basis. In case of accepted returns or refunds (gifts/defects), the rush order charges will not be refunded.
  8. Any local courier or shipping charges will not be refunded and additional returns-shipping charges shall be borne by the customer.
  9. Alteration, saree fall/beading and/or other customisation charges will not be refunded.
  10. Food items, cosmetics, incense, candles and other perishables/flammables will not be exchanged.
  11. Due to sanitary reasons, ceramics shall not be accepted for returns or exchanges.
  12. We are unable to accept any returns or exchanges for goods bought in-person, we are happy to accept returns or exchanges for goods bought online in-lieu with our online returns and exchanges policy
  13. We would also like to acknowledge that at times there may be operational delays and/or mistakes that are beyond our control, we will make every effort to satisfy our customers and will discuss solutions on a case-by-case basis.
Billing and Payments

At the store we offer a wide range of payment options including cash, credit/debit card (domestic and international mastercard/visa) at the in-store POS terminal and UPI/Paytm/Google Pay.

In the event of a technological glitch with our POS terminal, we can email/SMS secure buying links accepting credit/debit card (domestic and international mastercard/visa/amex), UPI/Paytm/Google Pay and PayPal.

Custom Orders

We are happy to take on custom orders wherein our patrons can choose from our designs and fabrics to create articles personally suited to them.

All custom orders are NON-cancellable, non-refundable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Custom orders can require multiple fitting sessions and this is normal procedure.

A full payment-in-advance is required to place a custom order.


We are happy to alter prior purchases as long as the product is brought to us within 15 days of the original purchase.