Vann Sambalpuri Ikkat Cotton Saree


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Hand woven or Hand Loomed Sarees, to the untrained eye, can look, like simple pieces of fabric, but the exquisite skill and craftsmanship they hold coccooned within them, the forethought required to predict weaves and wefts and how theyÕll impact the final product is, simply, incomprehensibleÉ These sarees, whether the ikkats, where individual segments of individual strands of yarn are hand dyed to form thier intricate patterns or the Patteda Anchus that date back to the 8th Century, are ingrained in IndiaÕs Artistic-Cultural History.
Their simple, fine colours, their impeccable drapes, their fabric-the treat with the utmost respect, make these sarees, some to die for.

The mystique of a tropical rainforestÉ a world alive yet unseen- a thousand sounds, a thousand creatures, the ripples of water, the squaks of rainbow hewn birds and the everlooming presence of an ancient, everwatching forestÉ All captured in this Ikkat Saree from Pochampalli, Telangana.
Ikkat, a fabric spread across the cultures of south and southeastern Asia, with its extensive resist-dyeing techniques, that have to be done before the yarn has been woven together! Its intricate handwork requiring vast forethought to dye every thread of yarn so that it results in the geometric zigs and zags the fabric is so known forÉ

All our woven sarees are sourced from artisans located in IndiaÕs Heritage Weaving centres- whether Telangana, Bengal. Maharashtra or Andra PradeshÉThere's no better way of supporting Local!


Mercerised Cotton

Length: 6.25 (Including Blouse)
Width: 44"

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