Alexandria- A Ceramic Platter


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A gushing river, meandering through the lush greenery of an untouched forest; clouds floating amok a sunlit, clear sky; birds hidden in the dense canopies and insects abuzz in the humid underbrush of a jungle.

Earthenware, for obvious reasons, has always has reminded us of the earth and the raw, wild side of nature- ever-changing, ever different. The gorgeous swirls of glaze, the impeccably flawed surface that adds so much character and personality. Almost kaleidoscopic- a new feeling every time!

This simple, straight up little platter- is honest, bare yet elegant. Its unadorned, regimental design leaves little room for error- its beauty lies in its precise, geometrical form.
The library of Alexandria, was unparalleled in the ancient world, and this platter, we feel encapsulates that very, pure knowledge. In its raw, sandstone colour, so similar to the rough, wild deserts of Egypt.

Length: 10cm
Width: 10cm
Height: 1.75cm
Material: Ceramic

Handmade Ceramic

Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe

Area: 10cm x 10cm
Depth: 1.5cm


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